Doug's BINGO Thursdays @ Monterrey Mexican Restaurant in Smyrna, GA.

I’m happy to say that Doug’s BINGO is a “go” every Thursday, at Monterrey Mexican Restaurant in Smyrna, GA (the one near the Dunkin’ Donuts @ Spring/Concord & S. Cobb Dr.) We play 11 to 15 rounds starting at  5:30 until  8:00 pm. Tables are appropriately spaced for safety.      

Please, bring your cash ($10.00, $5.00 and $1.00 bills) so we don’t have to make as much change and let’s play!  Oh, and bring your daubers, too!  There are daubers to purchase for only $1.00/each.  I encourage everyone to own their own during this COVID-19 era.       

Frequently Asked Questions about Doug's BINGO nights

Click on the GAME CARDS link above to see the games played. The 2-minute video below describes games, also.    

Please watch the 2-minute video below to learn all about the cost and games played.

Yes.  The Green BINGO sheets are good for future Doug’s BINGO nights.  The Red BINGO sheets need to be used for the round they were purchased.

No.  A new green BINGO sheet must be used for each game.  If you mark on it, it is used.   Red BINGO tickets are used only in the round when they were purchased.

Take the laminated card you were awarded up to the cashier by 8pm on Doug’s BINGO night.  The top amount is the cash prize amount, and the bottom is the amount of the Gift Certificate.

You can use the gift certificate you’ve won tonight the NEXT time you come to the restaurant.  It can be any visit (not limited to Doug’s BINGO nights).  

No.  You can use only ONE gift certificate per visit.  Consider having multiple certificates put into one on the night you win them.  That way you have a larger certificate to use in the future.   There is no cash back if you do not use the entire amount for payment of your bill.

Yes.  You can call ahead if you know the number of people you’ll need for your group.  A table can be reserved for you.

Absolutely!  The only night(s) he is not, are the regular weekday nights that he is Hosting Doug’s BINGO.  Please call Doug at 404-765-0772 or email him:  He’d be happy to bring BINGO for your event.  And remember- Doug is a Pianist and DJ, also.  So, you can combine his services into a full night of fun entertainment!

How to play Doug's BINGO

About Theme Night for Doug's BINGO

Doug's BINGO Games are here!

Click on the GAME CARDS link above and you’ll see the games Doug uses during Doug’s BINGO nights!