Join Doug's BINGO Players Text List! Possibly win Green Bingo Sheets!

Great news, Y’all!  The new Doug’s BINGO Players text list is LIVE!!!    And you’ll be automatically entered into Doug’s weekly Monday morning drawing for $10.00/worth of FREE green Bingo sheets!  (That’s 6 green bingo sheets- FREE!).   To join, simply text “dougsbingo” (no parenthesis) to 888-835-0545.  Then confirm by replying to the text sent out afterwards. 

Or, Fill out form below and  provide your month and day of your birthday and, in addition to the eligiblity for entry in the above contest, Doug will mail you $5.00 worth of FREE Bingo sheets as a birthday gift!  

Other ways to know what’s happening with Doug’s BINGO:    There is a Doug’s BINGO FB page .  You can “Like” me there or “Follow” me on my Doug’s BINGO Twitter.  And, lastly- #dougsbingo is the hashtag for the Instagram page, too.   All the above are good ways of keeping informed about Doug’s BINGO events.

Thanks!  Please be safe, remain healthy and let’s play Doug’s BINGO!
All the best- Doug

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